• A Universal Beach Umbrella Securing System

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A Universal Beach Umbrella Securing System

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32,764 people have been injured from 2009 - 2018

Safety & Peace of Mind for About $40

Safer beaches, one umbrella at a time...

The Story

May 2019:  I was enjoying a beautiful day at a Long Island beach with my wife and kids when I witnessed a fellow beachgoer get injured by an uprooted umbrella only a few feet away from where my three young children were playing.  It was at that moment that BrellaBound was born.  Every year, thousands of beachgoers are seriously injured, and in some cases, even killed by uprooted umbrellas that turn into daggers after a gust of wind pulls them from their holes.  After countless hours of design and real life testing with winds over 35 mph, BrellaBound has become a highly recognized beach necessity for anyone who uses an umbrella at the beach.

To your safety and some fun in the sun this season!

Michael Fay - Founder of BrellaBound


Safety and Peace of Mind

BrellaBound: Take it off and see what happens...

Video: How to Set-Up

"I love how I can relax on the beach and not have to worry about my umbrella flying away and potentially hurting someone!! I’ve seen it keep the umbrella down on the windiest of days and that was impressive."

Gabrielle P.

"I set up this BrellaBound for the first time today in Florida.  It wasn't too windy at that time.  In the afternoon, it got windier.  Two umbrellas next to mine literally went flying.  One guy started chasing one of them.  Mine did not move.  I was blown away how well this thing worked! Great solution to a problem I never even thought about until this! Hope you get it on shark tank."

Zack S.

"I love my new Brella Bound system!!  So many people on the beach came up to me asking where they could get one.  Really great idea to solve a problem that really exists.  I'm glad I'm doing my part keeping others safe while they're enjoying a day at the beach just like me!" :)

Elizabeth F.

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